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      Brief Introduction to the Kindergarten

      The Kindergarten Affiliated to Changshu International School is affiliated to Lunhua Education Group Co.Ltd, located in Donghu Jinghua Community, Changshu New and Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and adjacent to the beautiful Kuncheng Lake.The area of the land is about 3950 , and that of its buildings is  about 3400. The environment is beautiful and the air is clean. It was established in September 2013 and at present, there are 8 international classes and 171 children. The goal is to provide international, diverse and exquisite preschool education in Changshu area.

      Consistent with Lunhua Education’s educational principles and combined with the Singaporean leading preschool curriculum, Twinklekidz, we intend to create a bilingual atmosphere of classic culture and provide diverse potential-exploring courses. In each class, there are 20 to 26 students. There are three teachers, one nurse to ensure that each child can receive dedicated care. 

      We are devoted to establishing a team of teachers who are loving, responsible, open-minded and confident. We have qualified and experienced foreign teachers who are recommended, trained and managed by Boren HR which is also affiliated to Lunhua Education Group Co., Ltd.

      We share our educational resources with Changshu International School. With the help of an unique multicultural environment, bi-cultural educational background and the perfect integration of eastern and western education, we will keep exploring and innovating. Meanwhile, children in our kindergarten have the priority to be empowered and accepted by Changshu International School.

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