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      我们以为幼儿的终身发展奠基为指导思想,以Twinklekidz课程为核心,结合New Yippee课程、多元智能课程、外出实践及宝贝烘焙、中外经典节庆活动开展园本特色教育。


      Our Culture

      We are guided by the theory of laying a foundation of life-long learning for students, and with Twinklekidz curriculum as the core (combined with New Yippee curriculumn and diverse activities such as field trips, kids’ bakery and Chinese and Western classic festivals) we carry out education with our own features.

       We focus on students’ health, emotions, cognition and habits. We pay considerable attention to six areas of student development which are aesthetics and creative expression, discovery of the world, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, and social/emotional development.We advocate 5Qs which are Spiritual Quotients (be curious and creative), Emotion Quotient (be optimistic, confident, and well-communicated), Learning Quotient (be thoughtful and listen well), Daring Quotient (be brave and strong to explore) and Health Quotient (be healthy, pure and sporty).With wonderful cooperation between Chinese teachers and foreign teachers, we present the culture of love, respect, understanding, support and acceptance. 

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